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emily. 6teen. east coast.
109 days till BTR comes to maine
i talk too much. i blog too much. i ship too hard. i get emotional easily. i fall in love too easily. i giggle like cat valentine. i'm always smiling. i love to sing. i enjoy random dancing.
forever living a tay and christine appreciation life.
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yes, i did just make another blog~

oh and the url is an icarly reference, duh.

I feel like my blog is ugly.

I feel like I need a new one.

Which is dumb because last year around this time I made THIS new one.


I just hate how I tag everything.


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it really bothers me when people say icarly has been cancelled


take a seat and don’t ever get up

after five amazing years it is simply ending

there’s a distinction

a big distinction

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Because these things will change
Can you feel it now?

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“I always do everything I can to be a gentleman:  holding doors, letting her go first, and always covering the bill.”

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  • maggie: soon - soon - we'll all be together again <3
  • like, yesterday.
  • except not.
  • what?
  • i don't know.
  • i think i need to go to bed : )


it’s weird blogging about famous people all the time because after a while they don’t feel like celebrities anymore it feels like you’d call them up and talk to them about your day or tell them to come over for noodles or something

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Did anyone else notice Nathan’s bio change?

On Twitter now it says “I act.” instead of “I do this little ditty called iCarly.”